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David Nabi, MD, FACS of Orange County, CA specializes in vascular issues resulting from leg wounds. For those currently suffering from leg wounds, a vascular surgeon can diagnose and treat complications in the veins or arteries. If left unmonitored, leg wounds can grow into larger circulatory issues, including blood clots and necrosis.

To maximize your vascular health, please do the following:

• Monitor Cholesterol – Avoid foods that have high amounts of animal fats such as eggs, cheese, and meats. The body naturally produces cholesterol, and an excess of these foods contributes to the total amount present in your system. A build-up of cholesterol narrows the blood vessels and limits blood flow. Check your cholesterol often!

• Quit Smoking – Tobacco-related deaths occur by the thousands in the United States every year. Smoking contributes to heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. A heart attack or stroke is typically related to problems in the arteries. Cigarettes use a two-headed attack on the body. Nicotine raises blood pressure, which makes the heart work harder, and carbon monoxide is a toxic gas.

• Eat Healthily – A healthy diet that is low in sugar and high in fruits and vegetables promotes healthy veins. Also, limiting your alcohol consumption is conducive to fighting hypertension and other medical conditions.

• Aspirin Regiment – Consult with your doctor before attempting to begin an aspirin regimen. Aspirin has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. A tiny daily dose can reduce the amount of clotting in your veins and arteries. If you are at risk for vascular disease, then it may be a form of non-invasive treatment.

Take care of your veins and your veins will take care of you. They are the highways of life that fuel your essential organs. For more information on how to protect yourself from vascular disease, reach out to my office today!

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