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Dr. Nabi was very professional and informative. He says it like it is, no sugar coating. I like that in a doctor. He told me I do not need surgery, but wants to do one test on me. I liked also that he read my chart before coming into the …

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Amy Kidman

Thank you, Dr. Nabi for your recent vascular proedure , I experienced at your outpatient clinic. You did an awesome job, and thanks to you , I am now a new woman!! I appreciate so much Dr. Michael Bain who recommended you!Thanks again Dr. …

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Had a good, relatively short visit with your office today. Right on time I was given an ultrasound exam and within 10 minutes of the finish I had a meeting with Dr Nabi. He discussed test results and indicated they were favorable enough to …

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Rachel Castle

I work in healthcare management and am quite critical of Doctors. Dr. Nabi is one of the best I’ve met. He gets to the point, explains the anatomy of our vascular system in a thorough but brief way. I had zero questions; he covered …

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John Walker

Excellent bedside manner. Everyone in the office has a great attitude. All of his associates that I dealt with were professional and helped ease any fears I had. Dr. Nabi was easy to talk to. He was knowledgeable and explained things very …

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Great care, communicates very clearly, very concerned with patients wellbeing and overall outcome.


Let me thank you for you explaining to me my situation. It was thorough and in layman's terms I was able to understand. I also overheard a patient in Dr Bain's office complementing Dr Nabi on being the best vascular doctor. Thank you for …

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Hi Dr. Nabi, I enjoyed meeting you and your staff. Thank you for enlightening me as to ways to improve my health problems.

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